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Scales are an important part to every successful rabbitry. Maintaining weight ensures the health of your animal as well as an indicator that something may be wrong.

SAVE YOUR PET’S LIFE by frequently checking your pet’s weight. Slight changes in the weight of your pet could be a health warning. Investing in this scale is an important step to ensuring your pet a long and healthy life! This ZIEIS BigTop DURA Series scale features a large 11.5” x 9.3” platform designed to weigh animals up to 30 pounds - such as cats, small dogs, puppies, rabbits, etc. In addition, this series has excellent features such as an optional 110V adapter, programmable AC/DC power and Auto Hold, High Contrast Backlit LCD, manual HOLD, ZERO, and is manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 certification. This series also includes a TEN (10) YEAR limited manufacturer warranty.


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This digital scale is easily portable to take on the road when traveling. Maximum weight capacity: 45 pounds.


Memory & Hold Functions

Back lit LED screen





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 Hand Digital Scale DS-1 $39.95