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Our next boxes are constructed of sold metal and welded together for added stability.  The metal floors are easily removed for cleaning and the whole box can be sanitized after each litter.  Wood floors are available - please contact us.  We have provided some examples of what breeds would use which sized box below.  You box should fit your doe in her sitting position.  Using a box that is too big can lead to the doe sitting in her box.




 Item # Description Depth x Length x Height Examples of some breeds that would use this size Price
 NBXS X-Small  11D x 7L x 7.5H Neth. Dwarfs, Polish, Britannia Petites $13.95
 NBS Small 14D x 8L x 8H Mini Satin, Dutch, Himalayan $15.95
 NBM Medium 15D x 9.5L x 9H Havana, Thrianta, Florida White $17.95
 NBL Large 16D x 11L x 10H Californian, Rex, Satin $20.95
 NBXL X-Large 18.5D x 11L x 10H Flemish Giant,  New Zealand $23.95